Provide and promote resources and strategies for educating the public on water quality issues. Our objective is to get people involved in the education process about water quality. By working with our own members, community organizations, schools, civic groups and local decision makers, we positively influence important groups that present vast opportunities for public education.

The Adopt-A-School Program:

Developed in order to provide schools with good, accurate curriculum on water pollution prevention.  For a cost of approximately $60 an organization or business can adopt-a-school and provide this curriculum to the school of their choice.  Our goal is to follow-up each presentation with a press release to provide positive exposure for the sponsor and the program.

If you would like to Adopt-A-School in your community contact Committee Chair Amy Morris   via email.



We all live in a watershed with water pollution comes from many sources. Nonpoint sources contribute a great deal to the pollution in our water bodies. The combined affect of pollution from many small sources can have a real impact on the quality of our shared water resources.

The Public Education Committee has participated as an exhibitor at the Berks County Earth Day celebrations in 1998, 1999, and 2000 held in the City of Reading.

A demonstration of a storm water runoff model is shown in the photos below. Public Education Committee member Maria Fricker participated in this presentation Click on the following thumbnails to see a larger image.

Send email regarding the Public Education Committee to Amy Morriss