Two types of scholarships are offered: one for members of the Association, and one for children of the members. 

Click here to download the scholarship application form.

This form is fillable and can be completed and emailed to the office at or printed and mailed 

(Note: although there are two types of scholarships there is only one application form)

Member's Scholarships - These scholarships are awarded to members for tuition assistance to pursue any career path that would enhance and improve the water environment industry. 

Member's Children  -  Student Scholarships may be awarded to member's children who are actively pursuing an education in the environmental field.  The scholarship is limited to tuition assistance only at an accredited college.  The member must be in good standing with the Association or in good standing at the time of their death.

Basis of Award  -  Scholarships will be provided on a reward rather than need basis.  Past achievements and contributions to the Association and the environmental field will be considered as well as the type of curriculum to be studied.

Award Amounts  - Scholarships are recommended by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  Repetitive year applications are accepted and acted on the same as a first time applicant.  There is a lifetime limit of $12,000 per individual and a minimum individual award of $250.

Submission of Applications -  All applications must be received by March 31st .   (Downloadable above)  They must be mailed to:

Scholarship Committee
c/o Marykay Steinman, Executive Director
244 Mountain Top Road
Reinholds, PA 17569-9077

Interviews  - All qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.  The interviews are held in May of each year.  Interviews are considered a part of the application process.  Failure to attend the scheduled interview will result in an incomplete application and disqualification for this year's awards.  Applicants will receive written notices of their appointment times.

The Scholarship Information Form is now included in the Scholarship Application "PDF" file that you can link to above.  The Information Form must be brought with you to the interview.  Scholarship awards will not be released until this Form is properly completed and received by the Association.

Scholarship checks will be sent directly to the educational institution.  Tuition payments for seminars, short courses, etc. will be mailed directly to the sponsor of the course.  Use of the scholarships are limited to tuition only.  Materials provided as part of the registration fee are consider an eligible expense.

Recipients are expected to use the scholarship in the calendar year awarded.  Arrangements must be made with the Association Secretary if the need carries forward to the next calendar year.  Certain restrictions apply.

Reimbursement policy available upon request.

Please direct all questions, in writing, to the Scholarship Chair at the above address or email