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Welcome to the Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operators Association website. Even after 75 years, we are still an active and vibrant organization meeting the networking and training needs of wastewater operators in the eastern half of Pennsylvania.

The purpose of the Association is to advance knowledge and to encourage the exchange of information for the betterment of our communities. We keep our members informed on important issues and provide many PA DEP approved continuing education opportunities.

Clean water doesn’t just happen. There are many professionals including treatment plant operators, engineers, scientists, regulators, chemists, mechanics, electricians, and biologists behind the scenes that work and worry about this mission every day.



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Click here for the WEF CODVID-19 Member Letter sent February 2021. It contains usefull information and links. 


A Guide to what you can and can't flush or put down the drain can be found here


What's New...

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Looking for FREE Money? 
Well your energy company is part of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program which incentivizes energy saving projects with, what better than MONEY!  Chances are you’ll be doing some sort of work around the plant or collection system that would save energy (i.e. new lighting, HVAC, controls upgrade, pump/blower rehab or replacement, etc.). 
Here’s the contacts to you’ll need to start the application:  http://www.puc.state.pa.us/Electric/docs/Act129/EEC-EDC_Contact_Info.docx

To make things easier, contact Walter Higgins, with EPA Region 3 in Philadelphia at 215-814-5476 or email and he’ll help facilitate the process.  Yeah, he’s with the government and will help!  Walter’s the soon to be Chair of the Training committee and has been involved with operator training and technical assistance for a handful of years now. Feel free to pick his brain about other possible energy saving projects, process control issues, nutrient removal, or EPA’s FREE GIS program.


2022 Operator Certification Exams

The 2022 schedule of operator certification exams has been approved by the State Board for Certification of Water and Wastewater Systems Operators.  Click here to view locations of exams being offered by PWEA and to download registration forms.  The list for the proposed testing schedule for all providers can be found on this pdf.