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Membership Information

Persons applying for membership shall be any individual engaged or interested in one of the stated objectives of the Association.  


The objectives of the Association are:

  • To advance knowledge of design, construction, operation and management related to the wastewater treatment industry.

  • To encourage through meetings of its members the exchange of information and experience for the betterment of the wastewater treatment industry.

  • To affiliate with the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association and support its goals.

FEE FOR JOINING: Fee Ratified by the Membership and currently in Force


MEMBERS - $ 55.00 – Initiation fee and Current Calendar Years Dues Included


MEMBERSHIP YEAR is January 1 thru December 31 in each year and every calendar year invoiced. Persons joining at any time in the Membership Year will be invoiced for the succeeding year’s dues in October of a current year for the following Membership Year. Persons joining on or after October 1st in any Membership Year shall be afforded the following year’s dues as part of their joining fee at no extra charge.


MEMBERSHIP CARDS are sent with the annual dues renewal notice. They have the meeting and event dates on one side and membership type imprint on the other side. The cards are not valid proof of having paid dues for any membership year or part thereof.


DIRECTORY 2020 is available for the purchase price of $35.00 per copy. New and renewal members are offered the directory at a reduced rate of $25.00. If you desire a copy of this directory please check the box on the front of this application and include a check for $80.00 ($55.00 + $25.00).



As per the EPWPCOA By-laws Article III Section 5

"A Retired-from-Service Life Member shall be a person who has been a member of the Association for at least the last ten (10) consecutive years, has reached retirement age and has retired from full-time employment. A person must make application for this type of membership and furnish proof of his/her eligibility. The award of this type of membership requires action by the Board of Directors. A Retired-from-Service Life Member shall have all the rights and privileges of an Active Member."

If you qualify or think you may qualify for RSL membership, please contact the Office using the telephone number below or email using the "Contact Us" page of this website.


Click here for a Pennsylvania Water Environment Association (PWEA) Membership Application

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