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Current Operator Certification Resources

Here are some useful links for PA certified Operators:

Certification Board 

Operator’s Handbook

DEP Operator page  

Earthwise Academy  

Transcripts (Check you contact hours here)


Job Boards:



How do I renew my certification?

Your certification must be renewed every three years. The Certification Board will send you a renewal application approximately 60 days before your certification expires – IF they have your proper address, so make sure you keep your information current.  If you know your expiration date is coming up and you have not received a renewal application, contact the Board.


What are my continuing education requirements?

Operator Class     Contact Hours for First Three-year Renewal Cycle

Contact Hours for

Subsequent Three-year

Renewal Cycle




















How do I check how many continuing education hours I have?

You can go to the DEP Earthwise Academy website (Clickhere). Click on “Transcripts”, enter your six-digit DEP Client ID # (found on your certificate), and click “Get Transcripts”.  A listing of the hours you have completed will appear.


Do I need to take a security course?

YES.  Every certified operator must successfully complete a DEP approved system security training course.  This requirement must be completed before the end of your first three-year renewal cycle. Unless you have only been recently certified, you have probably taken this course.  You do not need to take it again.


How do I upgrade my certification?

You must complete an application for certification upgrade to an existing certification with the Board.  If you meet the additional experience requirements you will be issued an upgraded certification.


What if the plant I work at is upgraded to a higher classification?

You must upgrade your certification.  But you will not need any additional training or experience. However, if a new technology sub-classification has been added, you will need to pass the appropriate exam. DEP provides options to accelerate the process.


Can I add a classification to my certification?

Yes, but you will need to successfully pass the proper exam and complete a year of operating experience with the technology.


What is an Operator in Training (OIT)?

The OIT designation applies to an Operator who has passed the exam but does not have the required experience.  When the required experience is completed and documented by your supervisor, your certification will be approved.


What if I move to/from another state?

Different states handle the process differently. If you are moving to another state, you will need to contact them and find out how to proceed.  In Pennsylvania, you will need to complete an application which will be reviewed to determine if the qualifications have been met.


What are my legal obligations?

The duties of a certified operator are contained in the Certification Act (63 P.S. § 1001 et seq., click here to see the Act) and in the DEP Certification Regulations (25 Pa Code, Chapter 302, click here to review the regulations). A summary of the requirements can be found in the DEP Operator Certification Handbook (Click here for the Handbook). 


The Act and Regulations require 5 basic things:

1. Operate the facility in compliance with the applicable laws and permits

2. Make necessary Process Control Decisions to operate the facility

3. Notify the Owner if there is a violation, or a potential violation, of any requirement

4. Take corrective action as necessary to maintain compliance

5. Obtain the required continuing education credits to retain Certification

There are certain restrictions and conditions for these requirements that are found in the Regulations


Where can I find a job?

The EPWPCOA has an Employment Opportunities section on the web page (Click here). The PWEA also has a Job Board on their web page (Click here). Other opportunities may be found in the local newspaper or through other operators.


Do you have a question we didn’t think of? Ask us!

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