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Job Listings

Manufacturer's Representative - Hartco Environmental

Senior Project Engineer (P.E.) (Civil/Environmental) - Hydraterra Professionals

2nd Shift - Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator - Lancaster Area Sewer Authority

Lancaster, PA, USA

Lead Collection and Distribution Technician - Manheim

Manheim, PA, USA

Assistant Shift Operator - Swatara Township

Swatara Township, PA, USA

Collection Systems Maintenance Worker - Swatara Township

Swatara Township, PA, USA

Shift Operator - Swatara Twonship

Swatara Township, PA, USA

Senior Designer - ARRO Consulting

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator or Operator Trainee - Brodhead Creek

Stroud Township, PA, USA

Water/Wastewater Operator - Freeland

Freeland, PA, USA

Working Supervisor - Freeland

Freeland, PA, USA

Certified Operator (Trainee) - East Cocalico

Denver, PA, USA

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